Reason for Recognition: Simplifying Complexity

Bala, Thanks for mapping the US MRs to PCATS data. This will really help us to find savings opportunities in EIT and take our E&E efforts to the next level. I appreciate this and all of the other things you do behind the scenes to keep our team going. Thank you!

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Reason for Recognition: Helping make success

In just a matter of days, you were able to help provide the data that helped us show trends, LOB/zone mapping, resource metric type categorization, etc. to name a few. The detail and level of information is quite significant and it happened during the end-month and year-end reports were being tallied. Even with that, you had showed urgency and flexibility which made the successful delivery of CIO Dashboard Phase 1 requirements.

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Reason for Recognition: Difference making talented contributions

Bala, Thank you so much for lending your Excel expertise to the redesign of the MetricRscType. Your quick response and attention to detail have been a big help in validation of the methodology and presenting the data to get the proposal approved. It has been a pleasure working with you and learning even more about the power of Excel.

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Reason for Recognition: Leading the way through change

Bala, Thank you so much for your work on creating and automating the weekly transition report. This report has historically been a pain point for our team and recipients of the report. Your quick learning and “can-do” attitude has simplified what was previously a difficult process. I look forward to working with you on future items! Again, thank you so much. Your efforts are tremendously appreciated.

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Reason for Recognition: Working magic with data


Bala, I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for covering me over the last few working days while my laptop was being recovered. When my laptop was on the brink of crashing, I know that I virtually threw all kinds of things at you via email which needed to be done on Friday . With ease, you took care of every last deliverable that needed to be completed as well as covering for me while I was unable to get online. You did a wonderful job and I truly appreciate all of your hard work and support!

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