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  • A smarter multi criteria VLOOKUP in Excel

    A smarter multi criteria VLOOKUP in Excel

    Performing multi-criteria lookup in Excel. The combination of VLOOKUP and CHOOSE functions does the magic elegantly.

  • VLOOKUP: Right to Left Lookup

    We all now know that VLOOKUP has one major constraint that the column in the lookup table from where the lookup value is to be searched should be the first column in the lookup table. Here is a tricky way that you can use to overcome this constraint. The trick…

  • Mastering LOOKUPs in Excel learning Series

    Here I thought of compiling a learning series covering the basics to classics of Excel Lookup functionality. So I have divided them into parts organized in some logically organized fashion. However, you are free to access and learn them in any order. Part 1: Introduction to VLOOKUP Part 2: VLOOKUP:…