Types of data in analytics

Most analytics learnings start with understanding the types of data. This article gives a holistic view on types of data in self-service BI reporting, analytics, and citizen data science while also embracing the new data types resulted with the advent of big data technologies.

Calculating product of values in a column in SQL and its business usecase

SQL supports most aggregate functions except one fundamental aggregation to calculate product of values in a column. If you are wondering what could be a scenario where you may have to calculate product of values in a column, here is a business scenario that demands it. Business Scenario: For the sake of brevity, let's say... Continue Reading →

Why is SQL one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of an Analyst?

Out of information analysis, comes wisdom. It’s this information analysis that is one of the important reasons that created the need for storage of data. The world of databases was sprouted to address this need of data storage and many languages were born to interact and deal with the data stored in these databases. But... Continue Reading →

Calculating Age (duration or difference between two dates) in years, months and days in Power Query M Script

16-Jul turns out to be the birthday of Microsoft Power BI. Here I post a formula in M Script to calculate the age (i.e., duration or difference between two dates) in years, months and days: let Source= [ PowerBIBDay = #date(2014, 7, 16), Today = Date.From(DateTime.LocalNow()), BirthdayFactor = if Date.DayOfYear(PowerBIBDay)<Date.DayOfYear(Today) then 0 else 1, DayFactor... Continue Reading →

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