White Papers: There isn’t much better than expert advice on dealing with real world problems. Here you get our white papers that will help you understand & solve some of the complex and classic real world business problems with confidence and ease.

  1. Understanding and solving Relational Division problems in SQL, the Analyst way

Infographics: A picture is well worth a thousand words and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here we share our Infographics that speak volumes in the simplest way possible.

  1. An infographic of Table Combine or SET Operations used in Data Analysis. (Published on 19/Jan/2020)
  2. An infographic of Table Merge or Join Operations used in Data Analysis. (Published on 17/Jan/2020)
  3. An infographic of Anatomy of a Hierarchical Query using Recursion in SQL. (Published on 7/Feb/2020)
  4. An infographic of Types of Business Data Analytics (Published on 15/Mar/2020)
  5. An infographic of Types of Data in Data Analytics (Published on 12/Jan/2021)

Templates: Ease up your life with out tested templates.

  1. A poor man’s Gantt Project Planning template created in Microsoft Excel. (Coming soon..!!)