Mastering LOOKUPs in Excel learning Series

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Here I thought of compiling a learning series covering the basics to classics of Excel Lookup functionality. So I have divided them into parts organized in some logically organized fashion. However, you are free to access and learn them in any order.

Part 1: Introduction to VLOOKUP

Part 2: VLOOKUP: Approximate match example

Part 3: VLOOKUP: Right to Left Lookup

Part 4: INDEX and MATCH combination – An alternative to VLOOKUP

Part 5: Multiple criteria VLOOKUP

Part 6: Troubleshooting VLOOKUP errors

Part 7: VLookup Refresher

If you have come across any challenges while using VLOOKUP that are not addressed in any of these parts of this learning series, do share them in the comments.

I will be enhancing this post as and when adding a new parts relating to Lookups in Excel and will enable each part as hyperlink as and when I post the content of that post on my blog.

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Happy learning and have an adventurous journey to mastering Lookups in Excel.

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