A quick trick to create in-cell charts in Excel

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Here I share a tricky way to create in-cell charts in Excel with an example. Below is the data of a few employees and the respective volume of requests completed by them.


Now enter the below formula in cell C2 and copy it till C8.

=REPT(“n”, B2/50)







Column C now looks as in the below figure:


Now, select the column C and then change the font face to “wingdings” (Home tab –> Font group –> Font face) and font color(Home tab –> Font group –> Font color) to a color of your choice (say blue).



That’s it..!! the in-cell chart now looks like the below in column C:


Explanation: The REPT function in Excel takes the 1st parameter to it and repeats it for required number of times indicated by the 2nd parameter to it. In our example, REPT takes the character ‘n’ and repeats it. The number of times it is repeated is indicated by the volume divided by a constant number of your choice. I am dividing the volumes by a constant number 50 to let the character ‘n’ appear for a small number of times but still retaining their proportionality to other volumes. This is required to make the chart appear compact.

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